Live social media services

Social media offers a new channel to get in direct contact with friends or family members of the athlete participating at an event.

MySports live social media has the highest reach of the MySports services. Number of impressions have reached 4,2 million and likes hit over 170.000 per race.

Why is the service so powerful?

  • There is live data involved giving it more value and increasing the engagement.
  • The event and or the photo location is most likely impactful.
  • There is direct interaction with friends due to social networks like Facebook

MySports offers 2 live social products:

Live Facebook status postings

MySports posts automated live social postings on the page of the athlete while completing a sports event. Example: I just started my race. Likes this race and I go and run faster! This enables friends to react on the status while the race unfolds

Live Facebook photo postings

MySports posts photos of the athlete on the wall of the athlete enabling friends to see live how the athlete is doing

Boost your event or brand using MySports live social services! Contact MySports and ask more details.